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Circuit Mandalika Lombok Indonesia.



        Lombok is one of the thousand Islands that make up Indonesian archipelago, Has been famous worldwide as a tourist destination. It is one of Paradise Island on the Eastern Indonesia which is, Located just 54 kilometers (52 nautical miles) away from East of Bali Island offers a various charming unspoiled natural beauties make it often described as Bali in the past. The unique blending of Islamic and Hindu cultures, second highest mountain in Indonesia, blessed whit dozens of waterfalls in green mountain glens, plenty of glistening white sandy beaches, so many beautiful small Islands and deep blue seas that you can find it all in one place, the Island of Lombok.

      Lombok may not be as well known as it Sister Island -- Bali, but it might actually be an advantage so you have the chance to enjoy its splendors up close and personally.

Only 4 hours by ferry or just 25 minutes by air from Bali and 2 hours if travel by direct flight from Singapore, Lombok now becomes more attractive as one of favorites world tourist destination.

     There are varying activities can be done in Lombok Island, starting from hard trekking at Lombok prides Mountain Rinjani (3,726m) with the Awesome volcano peak, that offers hot springs and a crater lake to the pristine white sandy beaches for sun bathing or clean blue ocean for fishing, swimming, snorkeling and diving on many spot around the Island, not to mention the world class breaks waves for surfers, and from the scenic drive inland for day trippers to the breathtaking hike for soft trekking at tropical forest on the hill. And don't forget, Lombok is the closest island to Komodo Island to begin your cruise or overland adventure to Komodo Island or Flores Island tours.

The majority inhabitant on Lombok Island is Sasak tribe. Lombok is the main Island of West Nusa Tenggara Province with Mataram as is capital city. Meanwhile Senggigi as the center of tourist destination, like Kuta in Bali. But for those whose love the surfing so much, Kuta Lombok usually as the main destination.

      As the main island, Lombok has groups of small islands, which are names 'Gili', the Sasak word for a small island. Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan on the north - most known as Three Gilis - is the most favorite tourists destination in Lombok and can be access directly from Bali by sea with fast boats.

      On those three Gilis the activity such as snorkeling, diving, swimming or fishing would be the best. The largest and the furthest among others three Gili is Gili Trawangan, lot of actions can be done there, Trawangan also has the most complete range of accommodations, restaurants and caf�'s. For those who love the party, Gili Trawangan is the best place. The others two Gili - Gili Meno and Gili Air - usually visit by who want a bit more privacy.

There is another Gili located at the southwest of Lombok, is Gili Nanggu the most nice place and most convenient especially for honeymooners or couples that seeking for romantic place.

Lombok also has a unique charm and is famous for its hand woven textiles, high quality pearls, and distinctive pottery with its darker brownish colors of their terracotta so can gives the impression of being ancient. But it's not all, there is Lombok furniture with its own unique style.

For the pleasant to all the guests, excellent accommodations are easy to find in Lombok, from budget cottages to the five stars Hotels. Sheraton, Oberoi Lombok, Senggigi Beach, Jayakarta, Holiday Resort, The Santosa, Puri Sharon and Novotel are just short list of accommodations that can be found on the Island.

To get an idea about the rich culture and the age old traditions followed by the inhabitants of this isle, the handmade crafts and also to get an insight into the lifestyle of the residents of the Lombok Island you need to explore this island.

For that reason we are here for you, give the comprehensive information's you like to know and please to serve you with the best service and as fast and as easy as possible. We love to hear any comments, suggest or questions from you.
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