Lombok One Day Tour

Lombok offers a variety of destinations in one day trip to suit different holidaymakers' tastes. Whether you like to have a relaxing beach vacation, nature adventure trek, surfing in the best swell, sea kayaking, cultural trip to see local peoples more inside or land cruise over Lombok Island. All of these each activities do able in one day trip and available on our daily tours.


This is a half day tour covering some destination in west Lombok such as: Mayura, the royal floating palace (Bale Kambang) of the former Balinese kingdom which was built in 1714. Narmada, this historical place is use to be a palace of Anak Agung Gede Ngurah, one of Balinese king which was built in 1805.

Here you see a miniature of Mount Rinjani and Segara Anak lake with a holy temple on the top.
Then on to Lingsar, this is a unique and sacred temple of to belief, Hindus and Moslem Waktu Telu who worship together in one place for their own belief. It was built around 1714.
Tour duration 4- 5 hours



This tour visits white sandy beach in Kuta and Tanjung Aan beach southern part of Lombok and featuring some tradition villages on the way.
First visit at Banyumulek Village, one of many pottery village where clay pots for daily use, unique in style and high in quality is by hand made. Then onto Sukerare Village, where you can see a tradition of weaving in well cared. They weave gold and silver thread to be traditional Songket and Ikat cloth with very simple looms.
Rambitan/Sade, a traditional sasak village located on the hill, 8 km from Kuta beach of lombok. This village shows you the unique way of life of the "Sasaks" the native inhabitants of Lombok. Kuta Beach / Tanjung Aan, both are situated on southern coast of Lombok, just 5 kilometers apart. these white sandy beaches with clear turquoise water are perfect for swimming and sun bathing.
Tour duration 8- 9 hours




This special tour start early in the morning to see the biggest morning fish market at Tanjung Luar, east Lombok which is started at 6 to 9am.
Picked up at 5am in your hotel and drive to Lombok Timur (east Lombok), reach the market of Tanjung Luar after 2 hours drive. On the market you can see people are selling shark, manta and many kind of fishes that the local villages catch during night sailing.
From fish market on to Pijot village to see people making salt in traditional way than heading back to Lombok Tengah (central Lombok) to visit Benang Kelambu and Benang Setokel Waterall, rice terrace views along the way and natural sceneries around




the falls. After enjoy the fresh and cold water of the waterfall toward back to your hotel, on the way take stop at Narmada National park, this historical place is use to be a palace of Anak Agung Gede Ngurah, one of Balinese king which was built in 1805.
Here you see a miniature of Mount Rinjani and Segara Anak lake with a holy temple on the top for ritual belief. Reach back the hotel around 5pm.

Tour duration : 9 hours






This tour start going through the coastline to visit Malimbu Look-out, then on to Tanjung Traditional Market, colorful local market with fruits and foods treaded by local people for their daily needs. After market heading to Senaru Village located 601m meters above sea level on the foot of Rinjani Mountain. cool and quiet hill, gives you a comfortable rest.
From the village step down to first waterfall, Sendang Gile waterfall, enjoy the clear and cold waterfall. From here proceed to second waterfall, Tiu Kelep Waterfall. Its take about 30 minutes walk through the forest and passing river from the first.
The second waterfall has natural pool with crystal clear and cold water that is possible to swim in.
After swim back to Senaru Village for having lunch at one of the local restaurant
At 3pm leave Senaru Village straight back to hotel, its take about 2 hours drive.
Tour duration 8 – 9 hours



This tour visits the famous three Gili Islands of Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Air in one day for snorkeling.


Start at 8am drive through coastline to the north, Bangsal harbor to charter private boat to cross the islands. First visit to Gili Air, explore the island for snorkeling or just swim and relaxing on the white sandy beach. Then enjoy huge coral reef area in Gili Meno where you can find as well blue coral and turtle on your next stop.
From Gili Meno heading to Gili Trawangan, tranquil island for leisure and sun bathing on flat white sandy beach.

At 3.30pm leave the island back to hotel, stop taken at Malimbu hill to sun setting

Tour duration 8 - 9 hours.