Bau Nyale Festival is a folk Even based on famous legend, the Princess of Mandalika Nyale. It is said that long time ago Lombok was ruled by six kingdoms, one of them was Beberu kingdom, which ruled the southern part of the island whose beautiful Princess named Putri mandalika Nyale, while other kingdoms had prince who all wished to marry the princess. The princess faced difficulty to decide for a choice and worried to bring war among the kingdoms if she would accept one of them. Finally, she invited the princes to spend some times together on the beach and had the poem read one another. At dawn, the princess spoke out some words and plunged into the water followed by the princes aimed to save her. Some times after that, a group of strange creatures worm-like appeared in the sea that the people believed the manifestation of the princess and the princes. Since then, the festival is annually held on every tenth month of the Sasak calendar or on February to welcome the come back of the princess in its new shape, sea worm (called Nyale).


Nyongkol is an amid great ceremony on the wedding procession and agreed the most auspicious time for marriage ceremony. The ceremony is taking the bride and groom to the groom’s parent house attended by great deal number of people in traditional dress from the bride village followed by noisy traditional orchestra. This parade-looking ceremony usually takes place in the afternoon made as the last series of a marriage procession.


Presehan is a game that shows strength and skill. People are keen in this game. Two men fight each other with rattan whips with a cow-shield hide to protect their body from the strikes. The performace is umpired by the ‘Pekembar’ who is authorized to the area that either player is defeated or win the game or if he thinks become worse. This performance is accompanied by traditional music.


Gandrung is a social Dance particularly for young people and is usually performed in open air. It is performed by a single girl dance with a fan in her hand. When she touches a man or spectators with the fan means he is requested to dance with her. Gandrung means being in love expressed in the movements of the dance itself .


Rudat is a traditional Sasak dance performed by a number of young men. The dance shows the mixture of Islamic and Sasak culture. The customs of the dancers were influenced by Turkish army. The dancers sing while others play the tambourines and other traditional musical instruments called jidur. The dancers sing the Islamic songs containing the message to do the Islamic doctrine. The dancers wear colorful customs, hats and other ornaments.





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